Juvenile Curfew Laws Explained

Juvenile curfew laws are ordinances within a city, county, and state that forbid minors—those under 18 years of age—to roam around the city streets on their own or stay inside business establishments without their parents or guardians with them. The law is pretty basic and that means no minor must be found loitering streets and alleys at a certain time, usually between 10 pm to 6 am, depending upon the city or state. But, the same rule applies – if these minors are caught, there will be penalties and punishments.

Why is curfew necessary?

Crimes involving teenagers are at an all-time high. These teenagers get into trouble when they are out at night with their so-called friends, their “crew,” and the “gang.” And, in order to control incidents involving minors, this curfew was practiced country-wide. The point here is to save these children from getting harmed. That is the main agenda as to why major cities in the US enforce this law.…

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