Bullies Need Help Too

We all know that bullying is a bad thing. It is the act of intentionally hurting someone without a particular reason. The victims suffer not only on physical and emotional aspects but also are at risk with potential mental damage as well. It’s an awful thing that most young adults experience everywhere at school, online, and even at home. That explains the reason why bullies are to be blamed for their victims’ anxiety and depression, isolation, and self-destruction. However, psychology experts believe that bullies are also victims themselves. That their actions also depend on the variety of trauma they experienced once or twice in their lives.

Was It All About The Power?

Bullied individuals assume that bullies engage in the act because of power. That’s because bullies feel confident in doing something different in their lives; they deserve to be on top. With that, the process of hurting and damaging the weak becomes the easiest way to claim the spot. But in …

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