Bullies Need Help Too

We all know that bullying is a bad thing. It is the act of intentionally hurting someone without a particular reason. The victims suffer not only on physical and emotional aspects but also are at risk with potential mental damage as well. It’s an awful thing that most young adults experience everywhere at school, online, […]

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Curfew Law Updates

Setting Curfews For Teens In New York

  Source: flickr.com   Curfews establish the time that parents expect their teens to be back home during the evenings. It’s a great way for parents to keep their teens secure and to instill respect towards the rest of the family. When curfews didn’t use to be implemented appropriately, parents had trouble disciplining their teens. […]

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Tips For Troubled Youths

What Teens Get Out Of Curfews

Many parents and teens debate over whether curfews are productive or not. Some say that it establishes responsibility. Some believe that it’s too controlling over teenagers, and only encourages rebellion. Those on the fence may say that it’s beneficial to set a general time when kids should be home, but allow them to break it […]

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Parenting Tips

Lessons From Curfew

Living in a generation where the public crudely conveys themselves without any care is very alarming. Young adults wanting to be considered independent as early as 12 years old are an evidence of this. Giving them independence is a good step towards growth. However, being independent does not mean that kids are allowed to do […]

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