Help Your Teen Learn How To Save

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Financial literacy was the main topic at the 2017 Teens Workshop, where credit union speakers were invited to share pertinent knowledge on how to teach teens to save before they even reach college. The CEO of the Kingston Credit Union graced the event and spoke about how the literacy program is committed to educating the youth about the value of money, ways to earn, ways of saving money. Teens were also provided with tools on how, in the future, they can make better financial decisions.

As a parent, you, too, can help your teen learn how to save for their future. Here are some things you can try.

Make A Rule About Saving. Your teen is still under 18, so naturally, you get to make the house rules that they need to follow. Make saving part of those rules by asking him to set aside a small amount of his income and put it in the bank. You can start small and then eventually increase the amount, especially if he gets cash gifts from work. He may not like this at first, but after a few months, we’ll bet he’ll be ecstatic to see how much he has saved.

Emphasize The Importance Of Budget. When they start young, it won’t be too hard for them in the future to know which ones to prioritize and which ones to give up for the meantime. This will teach him to be aware of his financial obligations and his wants. He then will be able to formulate a budget for everything, even the not-so-important ones but ones that he’s been dreaming of getting. Also, encourage them to pay their bills by themselves.

Teenager With Money


Provide Incentives For Him. You can entice your teen to be interested in saving money by matching the amount of money that you are asking him to save in his account. You can match maybe 50% for the first few months and then increase it to 100%. This will encourage him to save more month after month. Another incentive you can give is paying for half the price of their first car. The rest will be his responsibility.



Signs That You Are In An Unhealthy Relationship


The 2017 Washington DC Conference was a much-talked-about event especially for teens and adults who either wanted to learn how to strengthen their current relationships with their partners, or how to find one in the first place. The main topic revolved around February being the Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. The relationship education included a discussion on unhealthy relationships and warning signs that you are in one. Positive dating behaviors were also imparted by professional speakers who were there to share their expertise and, one way or another, be able to help reduce the incidence of teenage violence in the country.

Warning Signs

Showing very intense feelings. When your partner shows extreme feelings and unusually erratic behavior, it may feel overwhelming. You’ll know when he makes you feel pushed because he’s rushing to speed up the pace of your relationship. He may become obsessive about you and will demand to see you more often or call you to ask what you’re doing or who you’re with.

Jealousy. If your partner gets too envious that he tries to control your time with friends and family members, then this is definitely a sign that you might want to think twice about getting the relationship to the next level. Jealousy is quite a normal feeling but it becomes unhealthy when your partner is too controlling of you.

He Isolates You. This behavior may not be obvious initially, as he starts this by asking for more alone time with you. But eventually, you will feel that he is intentionally trying to isolate you from your family, friends, and significant others. He will want you to be dependent on him for your needs and wants.

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Ruining Your Reputation. Someone usually does this by talking about you behind your back or even creating a rumor about you because you may have hurt him or he got jealous, or you broke up with him. Sabotage is one of the most dangerous signs of an unhealthy relationship.


Why You Should Talk About Marriage And Relationships With Your Teen

Many parents tend to brush off the topic of marriage and relationships as something that can be discussed later with their teens. But, in actuality, teens are already entering into relationships and even committing to marriage with their partners. Parents need to realize that the sex talk isn’t enough; it’s time to have the relationship talk. And here are the reasons why:




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Handling Disrespectful Teenagers


You might have noticed that recently, you and your teen might be having strangely confrontational conversations. For example, you might be curious about how your teen is doing in school, and you want to show your teen that you are interested in his or her life. So you might ask a simple question such as how they are doing in their school project that you know they are working on. But instead of giving you an update of their school project, your teen belligerently asks why you are checking up on them and accuses you of not trusting them. Naturally, you would feel worried and hurt.

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Teen Curfew: The Psychiatrist’s Perspective

Curfews are one matter that has been a source of disagreement between parents and their children. Most especially for teens.


Adolescents nowadays are fast transitioning into nocturnal creatures. That is, as parents are ready to settle down for the day and get some much-needed rest from the day’s demands and activities, teenagers are getting ready for the actual social fun to begin. It has been an ongoing cause of worry for parents, as their adolescents seem to embrace hanging out, going to parties and events, dating–a majority of which take place in the night time.

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When Your Teen Becomes A Juvenile Delinquent


If you turn on the television and watch the news, there is usually a news story about youth, such as risky behavior, vandalism, and violence. Many teenagers blatantly refuse to abide by the rules of their parents and society. Since time immemorial, there have been individuals who act criminally. However, with modern technology, you will see and hear about this criminal behavior more often. Nowadays, a teen who works violently usually becomes viral on social media.

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