Best Gadget Control Apps For Your Children


Kids nowadays always have the instinct to check their phones minute by minute. They believe that the tweets, DMs, and personal messages they receive are so crucial that replying to them cannot wait until the next morning. As a parent, you might want to incorporate several control apps to help enforce your gadget curfew plan for your children. With these apps, you will be able to track their device usage, limit the time they spend on these gadgets, and block unsafe apps.


FamilyTime is an organized app that allows you to customize your gadget control strategy. This app has many features, such as the following:

  • Geofencing where it will send alerts to your mobile phone whenever that particular gadget enters and leaves its control area
  • Location tracking to monitor your child’s whereabouts
  • Internet filters where you can block or limit the time spent of your child on a specific app
  • Call and text monitor where you can check your kid’s current contact list and digital interaction with these people

The only downside with this app is that the free version only offers few features. If you want to access everything, you may opt to pay for its full version. It will cost you $27 for one device per year or $69 for five devices per year.

McAfee Safe Family

McAfee Safe Family is a useful gadget control app that promotes the digital safety of your children. Below are some of its best features.

  • It lets you manage your child’s screen time by allowing you to arrange a daily time limit on specific applications.
  • It has a “Pause Internet Usage” feature which you can access on your phone. It will let you have the power to impose a digital time-out whenever you think they’ve had enough usage for the time being.
  • It also has a GPS tracker so that you can view your kid’s location in real-time.
  • It also has an app blocker per category or a specific application.
  • It also has an uninstall protection which prohibits your kid from uninstalling the control app in their gadgets.

Web Watcher

Web Watcher is the best app if you are keen on keeping tabs on your child’s messaging activity. It will allow you to check their activities on various apps like Viber, Tiner, Kik, and WhatsApp. You will also have a copy of their phone history, including all deleted files like call logs, texts, web browsing activity, and photos.

Since it is considered invasive spyware, parents have to download Web Watcher outside official app stores.



Qustodio has the same features as other apps—location tracking, screen time limitations, and messaging tracker. However, what makes this app stand out is its device time limit option and panic button.

Most parent controls only have the ability to restrict certain apps. However, Qustodio can shut off an entire device on specific timeslots or once your child has reached their allowable screen time for the day. At the same time, it also places a panic button on the child’s phone, which can send emergency texts to several pre-determined contacts.

The digital age changes quickly. Hence, there might come a time that your children can bypass these apps through customer service requests, phone resets, or other tricks. Therefore, make sure to continually check up on it every month to ensure that it’s still useful as before.