Things You Didn’t Know Were Fun Before Getting The Curfew


Everything just starts to suck once your parents hand you that curfew. But while you’re busy moping, there are a whole lot of things you can do even while at home. You just have to be creative, and you’ll see the fun out of it.   

Turn that frown upside down, because no curfew’s going to stop you from having fun. Sure, you know the reasons why you have one in the first place. But it’s all done, and now you might want to do a couple of activities to shoo boredom away. 

It may sound weird, but yes, there is fun in curfews.  

Have you ever thought about what you’d be doing on a regular day without a curfew? Would you go to the mall to watch movies, or get pumped up in a bar with your friends and just have fun? Maybe, if you are more into hiking, you’d trek different mountains over the weekend? Or you can just come over to your friend’s house for some girl time.  

Whatever it is you think you’d be doing would be completely different if you have a curfew. Most of us spend our time outside that we forget we are living in a house. Some people even go home just to sleep and they’d be out again the whole day.  

Here are some things you didn’t know were fun before getting that 7 p.m. curfew from your mom: 

  1. Fun in Organizing 

Well, what do you know? You can always organize and fix your stuff in the room. It’s a good thing to keep your place clean. It’s nice to find a bunch of bills (you can use to buy ice cream for later) inside an old bag you thought you’ve given away.  

Cleaning up may feel “tiring,” but you’d see the difference after. Your room would feel lighter and fresher. You may even help your mom fix some stuff up in the attic and she might see it as “being responsible” (and even change your curfew hours).   

     2. Fun in Working Out.  

 Now that you have all the time you need to exercise instead of driving all the way to the other side of town, do it! Start with some basic exercises for arms, abs, or core. Or if you’re feeling a bit lazy to do any of that, blasting nice music and dancing to it can do the trick.  

Dancing can help you burn calories the same way you do jogging. So ready your playlist and put on your exercise clothes. You may also invite a few friends over so you can dance along with them!   


     3. Fun in Getting Creative.  

Organizing goes a long way. Now that your room is tidied up, you can get creative and work on some DIY projects for room decoration. Hit up Pinterest and find the inspiration you like for your room and print it out.  

There are tons of projects you can do for when you’re bored. You can do easy ornaments, lanterns, hipster necklace holder, kitty planters, the list goes on! For a curfewed teen like you, maybe a vinyl clock? An old weathered wooden clock? Look up some clock ideas from Pinterest so you can easily check on the time you’re allowed to go out. Oops.  

    4. Fun in Movies. 

You can’t go to the coffee shop, but you can binge watch the latest season of How to Get Away with Murder. Guess what’s more intense? Uh huh, you know it. Google any TV series or movie you feel like watching, and just grab some snacks for the activity.  

It’d be bedtime before you know it. You can set a different theme for each day such as “Horror Mondays,” “Rom-Com Tuesdays,” “Thriller Wednesdays,” “Action Thursdays,” and “Comedy Fridays.” Plan a movie ahead and you’ll be cruising through your curfew without a complaint.  

    5. Fun in Phone Calls. 

Some people are just out too much that they don’t even use the phone to call their best friend. Since you’re on a curfew, do just that. Talk to your bestie and ask him or her how you can deal with your mom’s anxiety whenever you’re out of the house. 

Get some advice on how you think this curfew would also have some rehabilitative impact on you. Tell him or her about your own fear— you think there’s a killer in your neighborhood because of the unlikely curfew your parents gave you. Or you can talk about less intense things such as the bird you’re nursing because of a broken wing.  

A curfew is a curfew. Any parent or guardian can impose it because they believe it’s for your own good. Since you won’t be allowed to leave starting from a particular and usually early time, then make the most out of being in your home.