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This online Curfew Class was specially created to provide teen courts, youth courts, peer courts, juvenile departments and schools with a beneficial and cost effective educational response to those who were cited for curfew violations. The class takes approximately one hour for the student to complete. There are several chapters/modules to complete with an exam at the end of each . After passing the exam, the student can proceed to the next chapter. Successfully completing the final exam activates a Certificate of Completion which confirms completion of the entire class.


Once you join, the student can stop and start their Curfew Class as needed. The class is engaging and includes narration, reading, and thought provoking ideas. Most of all the class is educational and does not attempt to control the youth’s decision making process, judge or tell them what to do. Fundamental to our approach is the belief that people will make their own decisions and tend to become more resistive the more others try to tell them what to do.