What Teens Get Out Of Curfews

Many parents and teens debate over whether curfews are productive or not. Some say that it establishes responsibility. Some believe that it’s too controlling over teenagers, and only encourages rebellion.

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Those on the fence may say that it’s beneficial to set a general time when kids should be home, but allow them to break it now and then. Whichever side you’re on as a parent or a teenager, it always bests that it’s discussed, with the interests of each party being considered.

Teenagers should be empowered to have some say on this issue. Certain conditions can be set, and a compromise can be made. Some teenagers even argue that they feel like they benefit from a curfew. Here are some of the things that teens believe to be the advantages of curfews.

Gets Them Out of Crime

It isn’t so much about being involved in crime. It’s about teens avoiding being exposed to criminal activities. Admittedly, an offense doesn’t only take place at night. However, the propensity of violent crime tends to go up after the sun sets.

Teens who may find themselves walking home alone at night may risk getting mugged and hurt. Establishing a general time for them to be home by lessens the possibility of them being exposed to crime.

Lets Them Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

Anyone who’s seen a college party – on TV or in person – or any movie about teen parties knows that there’s likely to be alcohol involved somehow. While we can still teach our children right about drugs and alcohol – whether banning it or allowing it in moderation – we know that we can’t keep watch over them all the time.

Teens may be smart enough to know to avoid it, but peer pressure is a real thing. At the same time, some people may be tricked into taking something they’re not fully aware of. Again, this may happen at any time of the day, but the odds of it happening go up at night. Avoid your teens becoming exposed to this kind of environment by having them follow a general curfew.

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Allows Them To Get More Sleep

Sleep is something we tend to take for granted. As kids, we dreamt about the times we wouldn’t have a bedtime, and we could just stay up all night. At some point, usually around college, we tend to cherish the moments we get to sleep. Even more so as adults, we tend to regret not having a healthy sleep schedule.

By setting a curfew, we help our teens get more sleep. While we can’t be sure that they go to bed when they’re at home, we lessen the things that might keep them up late at night.

Establishes Routine

Ever wonder why we find it so difficult to get out of bed sometimes? Or why we can’t manage to motivate ourselves to start a new project? The reason maybe is that it’s relatively new to us and we haven’t gotten used to it yet. Maybe we slept in over the weekend or stayed up too late.

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However, notice that as you do something more often, you get used to it. It becomes significantly easier to get stuff done after you’ve done it for a while. This is also applied to teens with a curfew. By setting a time for them to be home by, you also establish a sense of routine. It’s likely that they’ll be asleep earlier and be up more prior.

It’ll also be possible that if they can consistently follow something such as a curfew, they can also support other simple goals and tasks for themselves in the future. They’ll be able to develop a routine that they set for themselves, guided by their curfew.

As a contribution on your side as a parent, you can also try working with and contacting a professional therapist to bring their expert perspective to the table. There’s no shame in asking for help as long as it’s beneficial for you and your kids.