Giving Appropriate Curfews For Your Teens

With this new-found freedom, teenagers tend to believe that they can do anything now that they are not children anymore. They want to spend longer periods of time with their peers. They are also in the process of discovering the used-to-be off-limits activities for children such as parties, sleep-overs and overnight trips. As parents, we want our teens to enjoy their lives the fullest. Even so, we are still responsible for their safety. Hence, teens still need curfews to keep them on the leash and to avoid any mishaps from happening in the middle of the night.

What is a Curfew?

Basically, a curfew is the time that you enforce to your teens that they should be home at that period. The time for the curfew depends on the age of your teen. Curfews can be enforced at night time or even during day time. As a parent, you have to understand that setting up a curfew for your teen should still allow them freedom, at the same time, provide them safety by being home at a decent time. But what is really an appropriate curfew for your teen?


What is an appropriate curfew?

You have to consider whether you are going to enforce curfews only on the weekdays or even at weekends. Since your teens most probably would have classes at school during weekdays, it is acceptable to give them a curfew around 9 to 10 PM depending on how young your teens are. Also, make sure that if they are planning to max out their curfew on weekdays, they should be able to finish all their homework for school and daily household chores. In this way, you can instill in them that they can have the freedom as teenagers, but still have to be responsible students and members of the family.


For weekends, you have to know their specific plans as to why they will be in a curfew. If they are planning to hang out for a movie in a friend’s house, it may be appropriate to set the curfew at 11 PM until midnight. You can also offer to pick them up just to be safe that they are following the curfew. If they are having a sleep over with their pals, make sure to ask who are these pals. Also, don’t hesitate to give them a ride to the house so you can meet the owners of the house and they can assure you that your teens are in safe hands.


There you go. Now that you have an idea on what appropriate curfews seem life, you’ll be able to enforce and implement appropriate curfews to your teens.