Curfew and Rewards

There is an old saying that honey attracts stronger than faecal matter if you can excuse my French. This same tactic is essential to raising kids as many of you may already be doing something to this degree. Now if you are struggling then it might be hard for you to do what we called a reward system. As well as implementing a cheaper, or for the fortunate a more lucrative reward system we are going to focus doing this around curfew.


Learning The Reward System


The reward system is a tricky mistress because it is something that you do not want to abuse or unused but first what the best way to implement it is? Well, there are three ways that you can apply it without one way is better than the other but rather depending on your budget. If you are on a tight budget, then all you need is a piece of paper that has what your child wants for Christmas. Have your child write down a top ten list of the things that they want. Now if you have a bit more spending room then dessert and food are some of the best alternatives for rewarding your child along for the rare non-holiday gift for good behaviour. So let’s say that money is not an issue than giving money is one of the best. While others focus on teaching your kids the value of objects but versus the value of money, then the latter is more beneficial.



When To Reward


*Timely arrival

Now to count as a timely arrival, your kid should be home at least an hour before or at a time that you deem reasonable. Out of all the things you could reward your child, this is by far the most significant regarding curfew.

*Updates on location

If you should tell your kid to do this more than once, then you might be hovering your child too much. Your cub should want to do this and should not be punished for not doing something that you would only prefer if they did.


*Told ahead of time

This is just something that is nice and as so is on the bottom of the list.


When NOT To Reward


*Arriving past curfew

Out of all the offences, this by far is the only felony. All the rest could be treated as a misdemeanour, but this one under no exception goes unpunished. Please continue straight to the last paragraph if this happened.


*No warning of departure

The most that you could be is worried and scold you kid if this happened. After the scolding, this should not go unpunished. There is nothing that should cause a parent unrest then not knowing where their kids are at.


*Lying about time

This is just something small and as so is on the bottom of the list.


What To Do When Your Kid Breaks His Curfew


As parents, it is one thing to be responsible for setting rules for your kids, like family time, TV time, and curfews. Yes, curfews are probably one of the most difficult to impose, especially on teens that have just begun learning the perks of being young – going to parties, dating, sleepovers, and the like. It is also another thing to be stern on enforcing these curfews and their corresponding penalties when your kid violates them.

Truly, parents set a curfew because they love their children very much and they want to protect them from the late night perils as well as the effects of negative peer pressure. Such negative peer pressure can push the young teen to vices such as alcohol or substance abuse and eventually need help for an addiction.  But, when they break curfew s, there may be second thoughts as to whether you should allow your kid to learn through experiencing the effects of violating the rules or just simply let it pass because you can’t stand looking at your kid sulking in the corner and getting mad at you for grounding them.

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