Warning Signs That Your Child Is A School Bully

Source: pixabay.com

Source: pixabay.com

Parents have a tendency to side with their children even if they go against the whole world. It is a parental instinct, and we all know that. No parent would want to see people condemning their child.

Aside from the protective instinct, parents would not readily admit that their child is a bully. But let us all think of what our child would become should this behavior continue. Before we think of the possible remedies for this, let us familiarize ourselves with the warning signs that your child is indeed becoming a school bully.

Source: pixabay.com

Your Child Is Showing Behavioral Issues At Home

Observe if your child has been questioning your authority lately. He or she could be disregarding parental orders or simple chores around the house. Your kid may be hot-headed and easily frustrated all the time. It is mostly a problem with discipline. Ask yourself if you are becoming a little more lenient when it comes to disciplining your child.

Their Friends Act Aggressively

If you notice that your child, together with his friends and other kids, has a habit of making fun of other children in public, then consider it as a warning sign. Does he encourage other kids to do that as well? Do you notice your child insulting other kids even some regard it as “child talk” or “just part of growing up”?

More often than not, his or her friends’ behavior will also mirror your child’s. If you, in any way, cannot stand to judge your child, then take notice of his or her friends. There are only two ways to describe behavior towards other kids. It is either good or bad.

Your Child Seems Disconnected From You

Ask yourself if the home your child is living in is friendly and warm. If there is violence at home, there is a high chance that the kids will become violent as well. The home environment is a significant factor in developing a child’s moral and social skills.

Your child may have a hard time communicating with you. You may notice that he is distant with you, as compared to what you see when he or she is with his or her friends.


You Do Not Notice Any Empathy

Notice how your child deals with his or her siblings or even animals. If your kid acts aggressively (grabs toys, kicks pets, or makes siblings cry), then it is a sign that he or she cannot manage his or her emotions correctly. He or she may also manifest this attitude outside the confines of your home.

Source: pixabay.com

Your Child Is Trying Hard To Be Popular

Children often talk about how their day at school went. Take note if your child seems obsessed about being cool and being noticed by many people at school. More often than not, they would brag about how they stood out and even comment on their weak classmates. Take this as a warning sign.

It is hard for parents to admit that their child is bullying other children in school. While this is a normal protective reaction, let us also put ourselves in the shoes of the parents of bullied children. We are our children’s correcting mechanism. Goodness emanates from us, parents, so our kids’ behavior should be our responsibility.