A Teacher’s Guide On Handling A Rebellious Teen

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The adolescent years are probably the most challenging phase in a teenager’s life. It is the time they’ll defy the wishes of authority figures, disrespect other people, and bully their peers. Some might feel anger, while others might be a little bit self-destructive. As a teacher, you have your fair share in dealing with these teenagers. So, what can you do to address their defiance? Here are some tips on how you can handle your rebellious students.

Enforce Consequences

Do not go easy on these people. Once you have established your classroom rules and regulations, make sure to stick to them and enforce various consequences upon violation. You must also not renege about the punishments that you are willing to give them. Once you do, they will call your bluff, and you will most likely lose your authority.

Focus On The Leader

Believe it or not, there are certain cliques present in the four walls of the classroom. Hence, when you face a group of rebellious individuals, do not waste your time dealing with each member of the group. The recommended strategy is to put your focus on the leader and be firm on him or her. Once you have solved the problem with this specific leader, the others tend to follow.

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Another technique you can use is the divide and conquer approach. Try dividing these people physically by assigning them into different groups or by placing them in separate seats via a planned seating arrangement. This strategy will most likely prevent them from ganging up on other people or negatively feeding off each other.

Practice Patience

We are in a fast-paced world where everything is instant: social media postings, microwaved meals, fast food chains, and more. Hence, when we face a series of life challenges, we tend to take the shortcut and solve the issue in a scurry. Unfortunately, handling individuals with disruptive behavior takes a long time. Be patient with them and do not lose your cool in case things do not go as planned.

Focus On One Particular Behavior

There are various ways to rebel, and it will be exhausting for you to try to solve all of these issues at the same time. What you can do is to choose one behavior that bothers you the most. From here, create an action plan that will address that particular behavior.

For example, your student doesn’t do homework every day, curses at everyone in school, and bullies the people around him or her. You have to decide which one you should focus on. Once this behavior is under control, you can then try solving another bothersome behavior.

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Get Support

It can be exhausting to be at the forefront of these cases. Therefore, if you feel tired and disappointed with yourself, do not isolate yourself. Instead, ask help from the people around you: the principal, your co-teachers, or even the parents of these teenagers. You will be surprised how much more effective it is to ask the support of these people.

Handling a rebellious teen is challenging. However, the most helpful way to address this problem is to find the perfect balance between empathy and firmness. Once you have established this, everything will be a lot easier.