Lessons From Curfew

Living in a generation where the public crudely conveys themselves without any care is very alarming. Young adults wanting to be considered independent as early as 12 years old are an evidence of this. Giving them independence is a good step towards growth. However, being independent does not mean that kids are allowed to do whatever they want whenever we want it. There will always be an issue of morality especially for those who are underage.

Below are few things that are beneficial for teenagers when they submit themselves to curfews.

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  • Curfew keeps them safe from the dangers during the night. The crime rate is at its peak during this time so keeping the teenagers indoors is the best course of action. It will not only keep them away from trouble but will also keep them distant from bad peers. Curfew allows the parents to have a peace of mind knowing that their children are safe and sound inside the house.
  • A curfew prevents sleep deprivation for teenagers in most cases. Since limits are set to restrict teenagers to outdoors especially at night, they can be in their homes on or before their sleeping time. Studies have found that a teenager needs to sleep at least 9 to 9 1/2 hours so that their body and brains function well for the whole day. Sleep deprivation can cause mood-swings, low academic performance and suspicious behaviors to teenagers.
  • Curfew aids teens to develop a focus in school. Teens will have more time indoors during at night and will have extra time in studying and finishing homework and projects. It can be a factor in promoting the wellness of their mental health. It will also help teens to have a decent time for sleeping. Because of this, they will learn to ensure focus that will be beneficial for their excellence in school.

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  • Youths are daring and overflowing with a lot of energy which prevents them from making smart decisions, but curfew can correct this. Curfew develops discipline which will help them in their adult years. It will teach them to be respectful of time and make a continuous use of it. It can structure their habits and use it in a positive way where they can learn to prioritize safety and respect and follow such rules and regulations.
  • Delinquency is one of the critical juvenile problems that curfew can somehow resolve. It keeps your kids away from harmful vices and bad habits such as drugs, underage drinking, sexual acts, and unwanted pregnancy. It remains their circle of friends on your radar and prevents them from doing illegal things before things even happen or get worse.

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Curfews might be putting restrictions on some adults and teenagers, but if we look at the positive side, this can become beneficial for the people if used in the right way. Depending on how a person perceives this, the fact remains that this law creates a good impact in the society.