The Importance Of Curfew (For Parents)

As important as the curfew is for the kids, it is the parents who suffer without proper knowledge of curfew. There are many standard benefits that I am sure that you all will know but as well as some not-so-obvious benefits that might surprise a few readers! If you are looking for ways to explain the importance of curfew to the kiddos, then you are reading the wrong article as this is the reason why you, the parent, should care about curfew. 


Common Sense Benefits  

*The Curfew Police  

As fictional as this might sound, there are in fact policemen who job it is to make sure that no one is up around curfew in some towns. Curfew police officers aren’t in every city, but there are more and more of these fantastic guys appearing since as years goes the crime rate rise. What the punishment can range from something is trivial as a fine or as severe as detainment. If you do not want your child to have a criminal record then might sure you know where they are when the streets lights come on.  


*Crazies Come Out At Night 

The curfew police, however, are only checking for children as plenty of sick adults that prey on the innocent due to low visible not to mention if your city has any semblance of a nightlife then so do the drunks. Sure you kid might be able to protect themselves but how much really when they are confronted with a muslce bound adult with evil intentions? 

*Kid Napping Not Kidnapped 

Along with the crazies, the kidnappers are no exception. The only reason that they get a bullet point because this is one of the worst things that they can do. If you are one of the lucky ones, then you will get a ransom note, but more often than not these kids are violated and killed in the most dreadful of ways. For the sake of your children, please make sure they are in at nightfall.  


*Parents Sees All 

There is also just the well-being of knowing where your child is at. If you can read your child a bedtime story or tuck them in, then consider yourself one of the lucky ones. All too often do the above-mentioned bullet points befall to both neglectful and careful parents. It can happen at any point where it gets hard to see.   

Unseen Benefits   

*Teaches Responsibility 

While some might see curfews as hover over your kid, this is just bad parenting. If you have your kid arrive home at a set time, then that is a responsibility. In life, your child is going to be faced with so many more responsibilities, so it is best to prepare them for one of the smaller ones in life.  

 *Wonderful Learning Experience 

This goes both ways! You are learning more by just reading this article, and all the above mention points suggest things that your child will learn.  

*Preps For College  

There is a time where all students must be in bed in a majority of colleges. It is the minority that lacks this curfew system nowadays as it is becoming standard due to the high number of rape cases reported in the USA worldwide.  


Now telling your kid to be home at a particular time is important but you need to stand firm. Let them know when they obey and doubly so when they didn’t. A sign that you are doing it right is if your child is concern about the curfew just as much as you do. If you can get your child to be just as concern about all the above bullet points then you will never have them arriving home late again.