What To Do When Your Child Breaks Your Curfew Because Of A Relationship 

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Your child has been continuously breaking your set curfew.  You also noticed that he has been secretive about his whereabouts. Recently, you discovered that this was because of a newfound relationship. 


You want your child to go home earlier for his safety, but you don’t want to appear like a villain to your child. How will you reconcile these two concerns? Here are some of the ways you can still enforce your set curfew. 


  • You’ve Been There Too 

Nobody is exempted from going through puberty and adolescence. Keep in mind that your child is now undergoing that stage, as you were how many years ago. 


With this understanding, you should know how you should conduct yourself in front of your child. Remember the things that you did not like from the way your parents handled your situation before. What are the areas you can improve? What can you change? 


Your child is now in a relationship. Do you remember the first relationship you had? How were you excited to spend every minute with that special someone? Try to understand your child from that standpoint. Your child needs your guidance and understanding in this crucial time. 


  • Establish A System Of Rewards And Consequences 

Treat your child according to his age. Your child is an adolescent, not anymore a child with constant tantrums. At this stage, your child will understand that there are impending consequences to his actions. 


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From your knowledge of your child’s temperament, you should anticipate the rules that will work from those that will not. Involve your child in this process of rulemaking. Your child will feel that their opinion is heard. It will make them also more aware of these rules. 


  • Maintain The Rules Lovingly 

Deviate from the dictator-type of parenting. Your child must understand that the rules are established for their safety, not because you said so. Maintaining a dictatorship in the home will only make your child rebel more. 


How can you enforce rules lovingly? Make it fun. Make a scoreboard inside the home, Harry Potter style, just so your child is aware of his transgressions and its impending results. 


  • Let Your Child Know You’re There For Them Always 


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What is the significance of this? Your child must see you as their number one support system. It will make rule enforcement easier for you. Having their back always also reduces the risk of them going with the bad company. At the end of the day, family trumps everything. 


In the end, a curfew is for your child’s safety and protection. They need to realize that curfews exist for their best interest. Adolescents undergo intense hormonal changes and feel intensely during this period. Your responsibility is to make them feel that you are their ally, not their enemy. 


When your child feels that you are to be trusted, rules inside the home are more easily enforced, and curfew violations will rarely exist.