Why You Should Talk About Marriage And Relationships With Your Teen

Many parents tend to brush off the topic of marriage and relationships as something that can be discussed later with their teens. But, in actuality, teens are already entering into relationships and even committing to marriage with their partners. Parents need to realize that the sex talk isn’t enough; it’s time to have the relationship talk. And here are the reasons why:


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  • Love, Infatuation, Idolization, And Obsession Are Easily Confused With Each Other

Falling in love is an exhilarating feeling, especially when it is your first time. But, the feeling of love can be mistaken for something else. For example, is it really love when a teen can’t stop thinking about the other person? Is it really love when they feel a boost in their self-esteem for knowing that someone likes them?


As a parent, it is essential to discuss these questions with your teen. But, that doesn’t mean that you should start lecturing on what love is. Instead, try opening a two-way discussion about these intense feelings with your teen and encourage reflection.


  • Teen Should Be Aware Of ‘Red Flags’ In A Relationship

As the saying goes, love is blind. It tends to make us ignore all the red flags of the relationship. As a parent, it is important to discuss with your child about the things that they should avoid in the relationship.


For example, some teens think that it’s sweet when their partner is possessive and dictates what they wear. Those things are a sign of extreme possessiveness and a sign of a bad relationship.


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Partner abuse among teens is widespread. According to the survey of Dr. Jay Silverman, one in five high school girls are physically or sexually abused by their partner. That frequency is almost the same rate of abuse among adult women. It is important to clarify the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship to prevent this abuse. As Dr. Larson puts it:


”It takes time for a teenager to realize that a relationship isn’t just an infatuation based on haphazard attraction, but an entity on which two people with compatible personalities work together.”


  • Keeping Healthy Relationships May Be Difficult, Especially At Their First Time

If your teen manages to snag a healthy relationship with a good partner, that’s great for them! As their parent, you would want to support your teen in this relationship. And what better way to help your teen by teaching them the important skills of keeping a healthy relationship?


Maintaining a healthy relationship involves several skills that your teen has yet to master. As their parent, you can introduce these skills by exploring an example of a healthy relationship. It is then up to your teen on how they will master that skill over time.


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  • Marriage Is Not All About Love

A lot of teens believe the simplistic notion that if two people fall in love with each other, they can get married. In actuality, there are several considerations to think about when a couple decides to get married. Are they both financially stable? Do they plan to have children? Are they psychologically and emotionally mature enough to enter this life-long commitment? Being in love is just one of the many factors to consider in matrimony.